What makes a fete EPIC?


It’s a term that’s thrown around a lot now a days. Most of the time it’s use is totally baseless, but there are times when it’s the only word to adequately describe an astonishing event.

So, what exactly have the best events I have been to had in common?


This the essential element to any epic fete. No matter the location or weather or any other problem the vibes can trump them all. Even if you don’t know anyone in the fete, vibes can fix dat!
Getting that level of vibes is a challenge and can be influenced by the other factors….

This is a critical part of making a fete epic. There has to be the right combination of Groovy and power. The music has to flow and build to whip that crowd into a frenzy. Strangely enough the best djs in my opinion are those who quietly hold their corner and spin their tunes without drawing attention to themselves. In fact the best parties in Jamaica don’t even advertise who is playing.

Beach House 2012 Review

One thing that can be a problem in any fete is a long wait for drinks. One of the things that I love about the epic fetes I have been to is the ratio of bartenders to patrons. Walking up to a bar and having bartenders bump each other in a rush to serve you is a wonderful feeling.

Novel venue
Having a new and exciting venue always adds to the excitement. It’s up to promoters to thing of new ways to set up old venues and to find new exciting venues to use. Going to the exact same venue over and over can kill the excitement.

Marbana (7 of 155)

Beautiful people
This one is definitely not necessary to have an epic fete, but when u get one of those magical fetes, having a fete full of incredibly attractive people is a fantastic plus. Often these same people are the stush crowd but carnival is special. Magic does happen.


Examples of fetes from my past that have attained this mantle of “Epic”

UWI Taylor Hall block F pyjama jam 1997….EPIC BEYOND WORDS

Frenchmen 1998 at frenchmen Cove

Beach jouvert Jamaica 2000

Frenchmen foreplay 2012

Frenchmen bazodee Jamaica 2003

Beachhouse couva 2012

Caesars ambush first edition Trinidad and Jamaica

Roast cruise 2013

Limerz cruise Barbados 2013 

Sunnation Sunrise 2013 and 2015

Bliss Barbados 2015


Whats YOUR epic fete?