Limerz Cruise 2013 review

After Bliss then AMbush we gathered our thoughts, bathed off some of the paint and made our way to Limerz cruise.


"Revel in the moment..NOT in the Details"
“Revel in the moment..NOT in the Details”

The boatyard was a relaxed vibe with breakfast available for those who needed it. It’s was a welcome sight for us. We had a lot of calories to burn and we needed to stock up.


Boarding took place a bit later and this is where we got a bit of a surprise. No shoes on the boats. Now, I didn’t expect this at all and if I had known I would have done a pedicure or something. All the same. I refused to let my toes stop my fun. And next year all toes will be flawless!

We were soon on the high seas. Unlike my last catamaran experience the seas were smooth and I didn’t need to vomit at all :).


The vibes soon started and the group of us on the boat soon got used to each other. Shortly the party was in full gear. There is just something about partying on a boat:)

Lunch was served buffet style and I had my fill. It was a long time since I filled my belly in a party. Thank you Limerz!

Can’t really say much more than the vibes were right, the crowd was right, everything was right!


What will I change next year?

The boats were mostly medium sized holding about 30-50 people each but 2 of the catamarans were larger than the rest holding more people . Next year it’s Excellence one or two as our preferred boat. We go Barbados to mingle. The more people in the party the merrier:)

Limerz. You are on Lehwego’s Bajan fete list as a recommended event.

See you next year!


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  • August 20, 2013 at 1:54 pm

    Me n my crew had a blass on limerz cruise. Big up de limerz posseyb chris ya large……next year nah miss we

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