Make a promise for Trinidad carnival

DSC04790It’s only been a few days since Trinidad carnival has come to an end and I know I am not alone in feeling the “tabanca” (post carnival depression/yearning). This is however, the perfect time time to start to set yourself on a course for greatness.

The idea for this post came to me while talking to two guys I met in the airport on the way back home. They had loved carnival but had apparently jumped in one of the smaller bands and wanted to try a top notch/popular band as well as better fetes.  I did my best to advise them and made sure to drop in a plug for in the process but this got me thinking.

They had just experienced something that had made a serious impact on their lives, in fact they were planning for one year in the future a mere day after carnival had ended! Why not use this motivation to make both carnival and you better for 2014?

Whether you are doing it for the second time or the ninth, why not challenge yourself to make it better next year…in a big way.


You don’t do this only by spending more money or planning to goto more fetes, you do this by pushing yourself to excellence in all aspects of your life beforehand.

You must excel in your profession or craft, whatever it may be. Start studying again to get more qualifications. Go the extra mile to make yourself better at what you do. Keep this attitude up as a way of life, a mantra to live by.  Your profession is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.

DSC04818At home if you have a significant other, make the extra effort to make sure things are copacetic.  The same way you feel rejuvenated and full of life and vigor by the experience of carnival make sure that you project that to your wife/girlfriend. Make sure your experience translates into something good for your relationship. I still believe that a man should goto carnival with the fellas, but if wifey can bring her friends, plan out your separate fetes and meet in the hotel room at the end of each day to work off your “frustrations”


I have long stressed the physical aspect of carnival. Carnival is about our base primal instincts. It’s about seeing women’s eyebrows raise at the mere sight of you and feeling like you are, though not as young as you used to be, in the absolute prime of your physical life.

This is therefore the time to start bending your physical appearance to your will. With one year to go it is time to start building the habits that will transform you into what YOU want to look like. To make yourself healthier and fitter than you have ever been in your life. To raise some (or even more) eyebrows yourself!

So don’t delay.  Write your goals out.  Plan your carnival improvements.   Save money every month. Carnival is always coming!


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