Machel in Jamaica for Jouvert 2013?

It’s been a quiet time for me the last little while. I have been spending more time with family and trying to read and study more to keep my promise for 2014.
During this mornings rather intense workout I head from a friend that Machel may be coming to Jamaica for a completely new fete on our Jouvert Friday night. Rumor is that both Machel and Shaggy will perform at this event.

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At this point this is raw word of mouth and the fact that such big performers are coming and no promotion has been started raises serious doubt, but I will keep my ears to the ground and will update this post with more info as it becomes available!!

Even if he doesn’t come this is yet another sign of a fresher, more exciting fete lineup for Jamaica carnival.

update: the rumors have been confirmed. The event “Panoriddim” will be held April 5th. More info to come


Keep your fingers crossed

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