Accommodation for Trinidad Carnival 2013…CHECK!

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  1. D says:

    TCC see dis yet!??!!?
    Ssssshhhhhh… I haven’t yet finalised my arrangements and contacted her… But I hope she has space for my gorilla! 🙂

  2. MR. NEZ says:

    i need a hotel or some accomodations pretty badly. Can you hook me up. I am hell bent on arriving and staying for week since I have noty been back in well over ten years. Me and my boy rolling through

  3. ManLi says:

    email [email protected] she will give you some leads and tips!

  1. October 20, 2012

    […] you have decided you can go you need to buy a plane ticket and get a place to stay.  Once you spend the money on these you will be surprised how much more motivated you are to […]

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