Mental by TriniJungleJuice 2014 fete review


This fete was the first on our busy schedule for the season. We had just all arrived in the land of oil and soca and were itching to have a good Time.

The venue was just off the savannah and walking distance from where we stayed which was a plus. Trinijunglejuice knew what they were doing choosing the venue. It was perfectly sized for the number of patrons. Not too big, not too small. When the crowd got big there was still enough space to move around but it was full enough that you didn’t have to move far to find your next wine.


The food was OK but this wasn’t pushed as a super all inclusive. If you were hungry, you could eat. The drinks on the other hand flowed freely and were mixed strong with short waiting times for drinks. They also had shot doctors running around force feeding alcohol to patrons not yet drunk enough from syringes. ¬†No complaints here!

This is where this fete really showed it’s stuff.
The vibes were right from the early bounce when the venue was empty. Wine flinging left and right. I almost fell in the pool from a wine. When the venue filled up…… Maaaaan!
There were times it was literally crazy!
I have to big up the Bermuda crew. They have convinced me I have to visit Bermuda at least once!
If they can keep this aspect of the party the same next year they could throw it in a cow pasture and I will be there!


The only issue I had apart from the absence of beluga caviar is that next year all ah yu who went going tell your friends how good this was and the resulting demand will make it hard for me to get enough tickets for the crew!
Hmm maybe I should re write this review:)

All and all an excellent fete with a very good wine to dollar and vibes to dollar ratio. We shall be there next year…. Will you?



3 thoughts on “Mental by TriniJungleJuice 2014 fete review

  • March 20, 2014 at 11:58 am

    I am part of the Bermuda Crew that attended Mental this carnival and had a blast. This was my 2nd fete for the carnival season and also the nite before my birthday so we were feting away. This fete was recommended to us by a Bermudian friend who is very cool with the Trinijunglejuce crew in particular Stephen and Paul who have visited Bermuda on several occassions. This is a plug however for Lehwego to visit Bermuda either during our May 26, 2014 holiday or during Cup Match which is July 31 and August 1, 2014. Come and experience our Bermuda flavor. You have my email so hit me up and the Bermuda “Trini” crew will sort you out!

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