Trinidad carnival IS coming. This man will get you in shape for “Showtime”

There are just over 200 days to go till the greatest show on the road! Some of you may slowly be planning how you will get a killer body come the new year. I’m giving you all a word of advice.  Start now if you want to get a different body by then.

As I had mentioned before,  bodybuilding and physique shows reminded me a lot of Carnival in terms of preparation and physical goals.
This year I competed in my first show coming second in the masters category and 7th in middleweight.

Although much more difficult than I expected, I loved the experience and will be coming much better next year. By extension I will be in unparalleled shape for carnival too.
The person who has put me on the right track and helped me prepare is my coach

Orlando Roper

Based at Spartan health club, this former champion bodybuilder has several American regional championships to his name,  notably the1993 eastern USA championship overall winner, as well as many 1st place trophies in Jamaica.


He has reset my boundaries and perceived limits and completely changed the way I go about weightlifting.

He will take your basic form and mold you into a champion if you have the willpower to do what he says.
Ladies,  this goes for you too.  I have seen him transform women,  making band launch worthy bodies.

The one thing that IS required is time.  The transformation comes at a price of time and effort.  It’s not easy,  only some can manage … That why the end result  is so desired…. It’s hard to achieve.
But he will help u get there.  Start from now!
Call 1 876 361 9048 to start training!


Are you willing to do what it takes?

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