Sunrise 2012 Review


This year I made the decision to miss the annual Blocko party because of the experience I had there last year…..Big mistake.  From all accounts that party was a blast this year.  I refuse to cry over spilt milk though and so made up my mind to try to make up for it.
I was fully pumped for this breakfast fete and Satuday morning I woke up at 4:30am like a 5 year old on Christmas morning.  Of course I reached the venue super early but that was ok.  It gave me time to check out the venue and plan my photos.

It rained during the night and a cool brisk breeze was blowing.  The morning sun was dimmed by light cloud cover and the temperature was PERFECT.  Cool and humid like springtime in North America.
the food was mostly classic Jamaican fare, including ackee and saltfish, bammy as well as a taste of Trinidad with Doubles in the mix.

By 6am the crowd started to come in.  Half came directly from our J’ouvert road march stained in yellow paint and the other half from their homes clean as a whistle.
Pretty quickly the crowd started to separate itself into the socialization crowd and the “no long talk, just dance” crew.  Give you one guess which crew ManLi was in!

In a testimony to the instant hit this fete became, it welcomed many a local and foreign celebrity including the likes of Dj Private Ryan, Hyper Hoppa, Yendi Phillips, Coach Stephen Francis, Damian Crawford etc etc.
The fete was also filled with paparazzi such as Infusion Inc, Carnival Crasher and more.

By 8am the party was off the chain.  The “no long talk” crew was handling their business and even the socialite crew was getting in on the action.

From where I was “standing” several rainbows seemed to end on the dancefloor and cherubs shooting arrows of pure joy were seen fluttering over the venue.  And fella’s, let me just say this…The lehwego team ran into several ladies with great futures BEHIND them:)

Eventually I had to leave to go to work with the party in full swing.  Fortunately ThinkAkil was able to stay behind and get some video.  If you don’t trust my word….check trinijunglejuice 

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