Sky Bleu featuring Kes, Heroes weekend 2012. The review.


Of course we got to the venue a bit late, despite my best efforts.  I immediately knew it was going to be a good fete from the power guests on location.  We walked past Kes at the door, brushed past an already tipsy Asafa on the beach and had to dodge a Gangnam styling Cris Gayle by the stage.  Olympic silver medalist Richard Thompson and IAAF champs finalist Jaysuma Saidy Ndure were also there.

The beach venue was large and spacious, luxuriously appointed with padded cabanas, leather ottomans and the like.  If I had any complaint, it was that the venue was a bit too large.  This made the crowd look a bit smaller than it should have.  On the plus side, I had lots of space to take photos and video.

The vibes were nice from the beginning.  This was in part helped by the athletes in attendance who took the partying thing SERIOUS.  Asafa (birthday boy) in particular was going hard.  I am confident that EVERY woman in the fete got a diamond league wine from Mr. Powell.  Cris Gayle was, as usual, also the life of the party.  This helped to raise the vibes in the general crowd and make the vibes in the fete good from beginning to end.

The food was tasty and in abundance with Chef’s on site to make sure all was in order.  It was also buffet style so you didn’t have to wait for servers and you could pile as much food on your plate as you wanted.

The drinks flowed freely with the infamous “Rum Punch” available for those who wanted to get totally wasted.

The stage show was energetic and full of vibes, as expected from a headline act such as Kes.  The set played like a mixed tape and the patrons wined like there was no tomorrow instead of watching the performance.

The night was made that much better by the presence of Sibongile Cummings and her friend who I only know as Kat!  I am a big fan of Ms Cummings who goes to just about EVERY major carnival (my goal in life).  They took up residence in front of our Cabana and lets say we were fully entertained (even the women in our group were drooling)

We have nothing but praise for what is sure to be the future of high class entertainment in Jamaica and likely, in the future, in the rest of the Caribbean!


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