LehwegoFrontline highlight video

Well I have finally posted all of my photos for the carnival season on the Lehwego Facebook page and now its time to move to the next phase……The Videos!

Take a look at a short clip simply highlighting a few of our customers and their upgraded costumes.  in the case of the large orange costume the entire costume is by Lehwegofrontline.  We will work within your budget and aim to give you a unique piece that fits your needs and desires.

We are going to make sure that next year we come bigger and better but keep in mind that demand will be high and you must make your orders early.  Late orders caused a serious problem with customs this year and we will be clamping down on late orders next year.

[amazon asin=B0090QXG92,B00BEUZVRC,B005NX7HY6,B007I9CBI0,B005FKT7GS&text=www.amazon.com&template=carousel&chan=default]

But enough business….take a look at what we do:)  REMEMBER TO CLICK ON HD  🙂


Next year will you UPGRADE?



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