Bacchanal Jamaica carnival 2014 review and video

This year was easily the best carnival season I have experienced in Jamaica.  The number and quality of events was a big step up from last year and it’s amazing to look back even 2 years and see how few events we had.



For me the road was the icing on the cake.


This year’s costumes were the best I have seen from Bacchanal Jamaica and as usual the amenities,  vibe and organization were on point. 

Sandwiches and pastries on platters on the road. 

Bagged water. 

These are some of the little things that makes Jamaica Carnival unique!


I could go on but I think instead you should watch the video below.

Keep your eyes peeled for costumes and enhancements by  LEHWEGOFRONTLINE.COM. We had a bumper crop of customers this year and plan to start our own section for 2015.  But that is a story for another post.


Take a look!




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