Cropover mixes 2014

In the run up to cropover I have been following the commandments of Carnival and getting to know the music. Cropover has a wealth of great sounding soca which is a welcome change from the well worn soca of the last trinidad carnival.
I have noted a great difficulty finding mixes for Cropover though. It’s like there is no interest in spreading the music around.
Maybe there is more to it that I don’t know. In any case I’m not one to sit and complain. I have commissioned 2 mixes from popular Bajan selectors.
The first is by selector String of Mahem sounds

new mayhem logo full color

Lehwego mix 1

Keep checking back.  The Lehwego Mix by Scott Le Roc is still bubbling in the pot waiting to be served.  As Soon as its ready I will have it on ready to serve to you.

Coming SOON!
Coming SOON!

Other mixes are rolling in:
Check this mix by Sizzdub

And another mix by Jon Deezy

And another called “Sugar Rush”

Also just in. SWEET SUMMER SOCA by DJ Rebel.

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