The commandments of Carnival



1. Thou shall leave all body image hang ups at home
2. Thou shalt not be offended when strangers tief a wine
3. Thou shalt not fall in love
4. Thou shalt not try to keep up with Trinis
5. Thou shall drink
6. Thou shall sleep when dead
7. Thou shall plan early
8. Thou shall start saving now
9. Thou shall get hip to the tunes
10. Thou shall work on thine endurance
11. Thou shall remember where thine hotel room is
12. If thou art not enjoying thine self….( yuh mad awa?) thou shall endureth your tribulation and shalt not ask thine friends to stop partying and take you to you abode.
13. Thou shalt make NO promises (at all)
14. Thou shalt NOT return to your home country with “something” you didn’t leave with!

Those that do not heed these word shall be smote…or is that smited?




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