Prepare for Super Saturday! Ambush then Sunrise. Only the strong will survive


Many have been lamenting the fact that AMBUSH and Sunrise breakfast fetes overlap. Such is life and at this point we can only accept what we have been handed.
I have experienced both these parties and REFUSE to miss either. I want to have my cake and eat it too.  See my recomended list here.

My opinion on the matter is, if I can accomplish and enjoy 3 fete Friday in Trinidad, #supasaturday in Jamaica must become a reality.

We must prepare my fellow carnival warriors.
You will need :

  • Blue Mountain coffee
  • Baby oil
  • Powdered detergent
  • A clothes iron
  • Garbage bags

–Late Friday night you must mix a strong and big cup of blue Mountain coffee (the best coffee in the world). This will keep you alert in the battles to come.

Blue Mountain Coffee JAMAICA

–Next, you select and iron your clothes for Sunrise breakfast fete. Ladies, also put aside any fandangles and relevant makeup stuff etc.

–Put on your Jouvert gear and then OIL Up! The baby oil makes it infinitely easier to remove paint . Slather that stuff on thick and carry the bottle to top up at the venue. You gotta look shiny!


–Cover your car seats with garbage bags!

–The ambush route is scheduled to end at approximately 6am and then a jam session till 7am.  If you are doing #supasaturday you will have to jam quick, then leave by 6:30 the latest.

–Jump in your car and rush home. Jump in the shower with your powdered detergent and scrub that paint off pronto. With the baby oil this should be easy. Remember behind your ears!


–Jump into your clothes. Ladies, do makeup in the car and BAM! You are at Sunrise. I think I can make it from one to the other in 1 hour flat. I may do a practise run or two to try get my times down 🙂

So there you have it. A basic template of how it can be done.
Start saving your pennies cause it’s soon time to buy tickets.


It’s gonna be a #supasaturday!


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