Explosion carnival band launch

Yet another new band is primed to launch and has graced us with a “Sneak peek” before the actual launch.  I have to admit that the bands have now perfected the art of making rather classy looking teasers filled with oversaturated close-ups, slow motion and nice music.  If you are not careful (or don’t have fans to snap you back to reality) they can leave you completely bamboozled.  From a mans point of view there was a bit of cleavage to look at but only a glimpse of one male costume. So Lehwego will reserve judgement for now and wait till the launch.

On another note…IF this new band comes good I think that the landscape for carnival will be different for a while.  There would be a glut of bands capable of giving you costumes you would be proud to wear (for women at least).  It could potentially mean there would be no IT bands if you knew you could depend on 3 or 4 other bands to come out with an equivalent experience.

Only time will tell.

Here is the teaser from Explosion



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