YUMA 2013……

I had quite a wild time watching Yuma’s presentation and reading comments on my facebook wall.   The night started out with so much anticipation. Hope.  Belief.  Faith!

Lets say that the adoring fans were quickly transformed into venom spitting haters…..took about 2 costume sections.

From my point of view the female costumes just looked a bit on the cheap side and unimaginative.  On the plus side, they did NOT skimp on the G-string action.  Most sections seemed to be dominated by G-strings which look great on the models; we will see how it works out in real life on the road.

the male sections seemed to be the usual combo number 1 except for a few EYE SEARING, Speedo wearing exceptions (things you cant unsee!).

In fairness to Yuma the quality of the feed was substandard so hopefully it isnt as bad as it looks online.  Let us all wait for the official photos to pass judgement.

Lets also see if Yuma pull an IP and re-Imagine their offerings

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here is a link for some photos so far

Thanks to trinidadcarnivaldiary for the photos!

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Click to see the Lehwego Carnival Essentials store. Powered by Amazon!

Will you jump with YUMA?

One thought on “YUMA 2013……

  • August 2, 2012 at 6:25 am

    I attempted to see Batman (once again and still failed) thus I missed the live feed, but from what I saw on facebook the male costumes are absolutely terrible. The females once again stole the show.

    It is time that men demand proper costumes. Sad considering that 50+ years ago, men dominated Trinidad carnival and took their time to construct elaborate costumes to depict anything they could think of.

    In true Trini style everything became a lime including mas. Feathers are now considered gay, elaborate costumes are too ‘hot’ and cumbersome and so a male costume has degenerated into a pants. What we saw for YUMA’s launch is indicative of this.

    Men work just as hard to earn money and just as hard in the gym to look decent on the road…we deserve properly designed and constructed costumes. Better than that YUMA.

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