YOU SHALL NOT PASS….without giving me a wine!

We see them every year, these women of legend.  Spectacles to behold, bordering on mythical creatures.  Many have categorized them, but overall they are the ones that help to make carnival the visual spectacle it is.  Yet for all their beauty, I never see them taking a wine.

I wonder if it is that most men are afraid to approach them and be boofed while under the intense attention these ladies attract, or is  that they don’t want to dance with anyone?

This year I have decided that I shall look no more.  I photograph these ladies every year and this time they are not getting away without either giving me a wine or a boof.   If you are reading ladies, I would prefer the wine!


In no particular order, here goes:


divaThe Divas:

I don’t know their names but these ladies are troopers.  I have often heard women say they MUST wear flats for the road.  These women wear platform wedge boots!  They are always decked out in the frontiest frontline costume and are always within 10 feet of each other (I wonder what happens if they get separated).  I have often wondered if they are real as they just DO…NOT…SWEAT!

Well, even if they are carnival cyborgs planted by Tribe I plan to ruffle a few tail feathers.  Ladies, Doh Beat Up!


sibThe Amazon queen: (Sibongile)

I have actually met Sibongile and found her to have quite an agreeable personality.  She is exciting, funny and full of life…..she also has a badonkadonk booty.  Although I have been working out extra hard the thought of this daunting task still brings a bead of sweat or two to my brow and butterflies to my tummy.  I will press on though.  If one has to be flung to the ground,  it might as well be in a blaze of glory, from the left cheek of greatness!


4dc7291e2d69fThe Stallion: (Heather)

This may be my hardest task yet.  This mythical creature is elusive and fast moving.  I will have to use all my endurance and tracking skills to keep up the pace and catch up with her on the road.  Despite Heathers relatively small size this “tough mudder” has proven to be hard to hold on to.  Pursuers may find themselves mesmerised by the sheer magnificence of her essentially naked form and then BAM! before you know it she is gone….no wine achieved.  This year I will keep focus, steady my breathing to keep pace, and my victory (or defeat) will be glorious!


ONE MORE:(Saucy)


Many years ago, when I started travelling to Trinidad carnival and got hooked, I had only one resource to give me the information I needed to make my trips better.  That was Trinidad Carnival Diary.  Saucy’s blog was in fact (obviously) the inspiration for the blog you are reading now.

Her identity is a relatively guarded secret but she saw fit to reveal herself  to me in carnival earlier this year and so I now know what she looks like.  That is the first step.   I also know that she, like myself is a big fan of Caesars army AMbush Jouvert and I should be able to see her there. Step two complete.  It seems saucy may be following my advice and using a personal trainer this year for carnival so it remains to be seen whose knees will buckle first, but step three is a challenge I feel I am up to.  Saucy…..DOH BOOF MI!



This is my list but I am sure every guy (and girl) has their own.  A list of legends they see every year on the road for carnival but have never had the pleasure of “spending a little time with” on the road.

I challenge all of you to make this YOUR year!

Slay that dragon, Kill the Kraken, ride that unicorn!


One thought on “YOU SHALL NOT PASS….without giving me a wine!

  • January 2, 2013 at 9:34 pm

    Thumbs up at the comment for Saucy 🙂
    And good luck!
    *endurance; stamina; and mek sure yuh camera secure! lol

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