Why I’m shrinking my Trinidad Carnival experience.

After many years of taking Trinidad Carnival trips 9 to 10 days long, I’ve decided to do things a bit differently for 2019.

For 2019 I will fly into Trinidad on carnival Friday, and leave bright and early on Wednesday morning.

There are several good reasons why this makes sense for me this time around:

  1. .I can save vacation days to try new carnivals later in the year.
  2. The few days less means a lot less money on fetes and accommodation.
  3. I still get there in time to party and enjoy the road, including capturing some good photos and videos.

Over time I have come to see that although Trinidad remains the MECCA, the largest and most intense Carnival experience, there are other experiences out there to take advantage of. Sure I may miss beach house and some of our other favourite fetes but life is about change and adaptation. Its OK to miss some of the action if it’s to diversify the action later on.

Look at some of the options later in the year:


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