Vale Vibe Trinidad Review 2015

This one was our white whale.  Vale had been in our sights for years. We had always wanted to go but could never get enough tickets. This year one of the members of our group took things into her own hands and managed to squeeze 12 tickets out of their committee.  We had heard so much and we were excited to take in what they had to offer.

Entry was relatively seamless (apart from having to show ID for an eticket…. But that blog post is coming soon) and in two twos we were in the fete.

The fete had a great looking crowd and just as I had heard the vibe was really that of a large group of friends gathered for a good time.  The bar was great with premium drinks and fast service . The venue was spacious and scenic with lots of shade and a nicely manicured lawn.  We then moved on to breakfast. This was the one failing of this party . The menu was limited and I know it’s is my personal preference, but I did not like the food so much.

All the same we had a taste and moved on to the dance floor and this is where the party really won me over. The vibes started strong and got stronger. I had fun from beginning to end.  The world famous wall crew was in action and the water hose took the vibes to a higher level near the end.

This is one fete that I will do my best to try to return to!

They will also be coming to Jamaica and I have to give respect to the promoters for making an effort to not step on the toes of other fetes the same day,  keeping the price down and especially for encouraging their followers to give Jamaica carnival a try in their info blast sent by email to all their followers.

I plan to focus much of my Jamaica carnival coverage on local events but I will also make the effort to take in Vales first outing.

Lets see what they bring to the Landscape of Jamaica Carnival!

See the full Facebook album here!