Trinidad carnival with Tribe 2014 review

The big day, once again, had come.  After an entire year of  preparation we had our chance to fête on the road.  We had done the gym work,  we had sacrificed time and money and we were now ready for our catharsis. The one time of year we pamper ourselves. The one time of year we parade our half naked bodies for all to see.

Carnival Tuesday (149 of 239)

Carnival this year was a beautiful kaleidoscope of colours and faces.
As usual, tribe was huge.  At times too huge but throughout it all they almost magically managed to make sure each masquerader had access to the full measure of their impressive list of amenities.

Carnival Tuesday (91 of 239)
From spiked snow cones and Popsicles to easy to collect and tasty lunches. From Axe body spray stations for the guys to full tents with stuff to freshen up the ladies.
They even had ladies with lint free cloths to clean glasses (and my camera lens)

Carnival Tuesday (99 of 239)

The trip through the socadrome, this year’s replacement for the stage, was heavenly in comparison to the scorching, dry torture which is the usual savannah stage experience.
It was breezy and cool and the entire band crossed with minimal wait.
I never want to see the savannah stage again……EVER. Socadrome will do me just fine please and thanks Tribe.

Carnival Tuesday (212 of 239)

Eventually we wound down to the afterparty, which was a huge affair.  Said our final goodbyes and rang in the start of a new “carnival year”.

My crew and I did not cry or feel bad though as we were heading off to “Do the Double” with Jamaica carnival.  But that, is another story.

Carnival Tuesday (145 of 239)

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