Trinidad carnival 2014 fete list….time to tweak!

The Lehwego team is planning to fete harder than ever before for 2014.

See our presumptive fete list here.  We have introduced the possibility of Four Fete Friday with Phuket, the Candy Coated bus to Blue range and Ambush followed somehow by Suits right after. The issue with this is that we will be covered from heat to toe in paint after Ambush but need to be paint free and bright eyed at 8am for Suits. On top of that the boat for the Suits cruise leaves from near Ambush and that’s too far to go home and come back. I will have a special post on how we solve the logistical nightmare to make suits cruise work (If we solve it!–we may end up bathing in the sea!). In the meantime tickets are available!


Today, however, we discuss carnival Sunday morning. Breakfast fete morning.

For years we have been going to sunny side up on that bright Sunday morning. Well, we have decided that it’s time for a change. Next year, if all goes as planned we will be taking in SHADES as our breakfast fete. My sources have assured me it is full of vibes and a great time.
Tickets are already on sale for 110usd$
See the info below if you plan to join me and my team

update. We are not doing shades. See our new list here… New fete list!

““When the sun comes up, the “SHADES” come ON!”

SHADES Breakfast Carnival 2014 promises to be an event for the ages!

From our delicious omlettes to sumptuous corn soup, our culinary staff works tirelessly to ensure that your 5-star breakfast experience is simply phenomenal!

On Sunday 2nd March 2014, the venue will be designed with you in mind, and patrons will be treated to world-class décor, accessible amenities, and more than enough space to wine and jam the morning away!
Taking care of your every partying need, Shades 2014 promises to be full of surprises…. but you’ll have to BE there to BElieve it!

Wearing SHADES is a must, as the sun rises promptly at 6:01am. With the music echoing through the Carnival Sunday morning air and adrenaline searing through your veins, Nescafe Coffee will be present to start your Carnival Sunday morning off right, and then our full premium bar will take care of the rest!
Tickets are NOW available for purchase online at or call the usual suspects early to organize your crew!
SELVYN: 765-6889
SAMANTHA: 387-2938


One thought on “Trinidad carnival 2014 fete list….time to tweak!

  • November 7, 2013 at 8:35 pm

    I love Casear’s Amry and I love Shades, wouldnt miss either!!!

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