Trinidad Carnival 2013 with Tribe review, video and photos

The big day came and in a flash it was over. All we have is our memories and photos and videos to help keep those memories fresh.
Tribe this year lived up to all the expectations I had of it and more.
Although it was HUGE it still managed to offer a high level of service and comfort while keeping the vibes high.
This year tribe listened to my longstanding call to ease the suffering of the masqueraders as we wait to cross the stage and had mobile hydration stations and roaming sunblock spray people in the band.

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While nice, the hydration was still inadequate and Jamaica carnival still rules supreme in terms of hydrating a thirsty jumper with MANY mobile hydration stations, mobile bartenders and food servers.
I appreciate the effort tribe and I am sure next year you will do better. I’m looking forward to the day when I DON’T have to buy drinks while waiting for the stage.
The lunch area was great as usual with all the amenities you could ask for and decent food to boot!
The vibes on the road was best at, you guessed it, truck number 4! I’m not sure if that happens every year by chance or they plan it that way but that’s the way it has always been.
It was a good time and tribe, I will be back next year

Take a look at the video and photos from the day!

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