Trini food! What you need to try

We all know that Trinidad is the land of oil and music and we are all ready to party but we should all take at least a little time to experience some of the other aspects of Trinidadian culture.

Food for example. Although I hail from a relatively close neighbour (Jamaica) I have found that Trini dishes are quite different from my usual fare.
Here are a few choice dishes that you should indulge in!
(note, unless you wish to use a portapotty, do not EVER buy food from streetside vendors. Stick to reputable establishments…..with food handlers permits!!!)

Bake and shark

Travel-pictures-gallery bake and shark


Your friendly neighbourhood shark is caught and murdered for your eating pleasure.  A tasty filet of shark between two fried flattened cakes of flour (similar to flattened jonnie cakes for the Jamaicans reading this)



TrialX Pelau

A tasty “all in one” pot.  Rice and peas mixed with cooked chicken, beef or fish all stirred up with carrots and pumpkin etc.

Crab and dumpling

crab dumplings


Cleaned crab, well seasoned with curry and coconut milk then just add dumplings.


trinidad-pig-foot-souse carribean pot

Pig feet or chicken feet or cow skin (pressure cooked) in a broth of salt, cucumbers, lime and seasoning).





Doughy “barra” (similar to roti) makes the edible pouch.  The middle is chick peas, channa, seasoning and flavoured chutney paste.

gourmet doubles is basically a super doubles–bigger, better, tastier!


uncommon carribean phulurie


Can be likened to round fritters.  Fried flour with split peas and seasoning.  Served with a dipping sauce.





EVERYONE knows about roti.  Try the different types: Dhalphurie, buss up shut among others!



Slight or plenty pepper?



These images are all taken from the net.  If I stole your photo of food, please forgive me!

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  • January 23, 2013 at 6:36 pm

    Can’t wait to start checking food items off the must eat list!!!

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