TRIBE! Lets see that again! Updated.


So finally Tribe has launched.  I have talked about changing bands this year if I didn’t see change/get what I want from my old faithful (Tribe).  Tonight I have had to seriously reconsider my talk.  The female costumes looked great! Lots of feathers and very little costume.  Ladies, time to hit the gym! cause there will be nothing to hide come monday and tuesday.  It will all be out there!

The male costumes sucked as usual except for a leopard print costume that would go with my goal of playing in spandex/no board shorts this year.

Well no time wasting.  If you want to see the pics courtesy of Trinidad carnival diary Click here.



You can see a condensed version of the show below at the end of the post.

By the way..iphone users can get this all on their iPhones with the Lehwego app which is now available in itunes here.


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