Tribe and bliss 2014 launch. Photos and video

Saturday July 20th was a big night for lovers of tribe and bliss.
From tribe we saw an entire band of colorful Indians done with a modern twist. The long pants may be a bit of a stretch in the equatorial sun but I’m sure a pair of scissors can help with that.
From bliss we saw a reimagining of many of tribes best sections, many of which were better than the original. We did NOT however see any of their male costumes…….

As usual I captured a video from the CARNIVALTV.NET live stream. Take a look.

Take a look at thesweet7 for sectioned videos.

Also look at a few photos sent to me by my homie triniwinerboy.

It’s time to dust off those old TLC cards, call in some favors and getting in touch with old links.

For many this is just a tickle, as their favorite band to gets ready to launch. Not everyone is a triber and there are fantastic alternatives out there.

For me, carnival 2014 is underway and it’s a wonderful feeling.

By the way Trinidad carnival diary, get that hotties over 40 album ready! The lehwego crew coming HARD next year!

Thanks to Damian Luk Pat for the cover photo.



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