Train yourself…avoid the portapotty!

Some of my friends think I am taking it over the top with this post but I’m telling you this stuff is important!

It is less than a month before most of us step on the plane to Trinidad Carnival (man heaven).  Its just enough time for you to sort out a habit that may keep you from ruining your OWN carnival experience.

Yes, I’m talking about potty training your bowels!  Training them to unload their cargo at 5 or 6am or whatever time you wake up.  You may be laughing now but you wont be laughing on the portapotty in Beach house, Vale or the one shaking up on the truckback on the road on Monday or Tuesday.  Remember Monday and Tuesday are whole day affairs and if you are used to going daily and didn’t go in the morning you may have a problem.


Some of those portapotties are more like portable Doorways to hell cesspools deathtraps torture chambers. I remember at  Bacchanal wednesday one year I went to take a piss and I was unable to identify which part of the device was intended for the collection of bodily waste as SHIT appeared to be spread uniformly on the inside of the cubicle.  I had to just aim in the open doorway and hope I could hold my breath long enough so the fumes didn’t kill me!


The way around this is to wake up every morning between now and carnival and sit diligently on the throne till something happens….or until the seat cuts off the circulation to your legs.  In a week, or maybe two, your body will slowly bend to your will and arrange things so you go on schedule.  Ignore my advice at your OWN PERIL!

Keep your eye on the blog for more important info and pearls of knowledge and experience that will keep your memories of Trinidad carnival 2013 blemish (and portapotty) free!



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