Today is the soca switch! 

Boxing Day is here! 

I hope you all had a festive Christmas,  filled with family,  friends and gifts. . Well annually,  carnival provides a belated Christmas gift to the soca hungry reveller.  

It’s called the soca switch. 

For several years now there has traditionally been a cavalcade of new releases starting on boxing day. 

It’s already started on you tube with one nice one I’ve heard on Julians promos below. 

But it’s more than you tube…. Trinidad radio also changes dramatically. . Normally the major stations play and eclectic mix of many genres from hard-core (and often uncensored) dancehall,  hip hop,  pop etc….. But after the soca switch there is a significant recalibration with soca taking up more and more of the programming schedule. 

My favourite stations can all be found on the. TuneIn app. 

Red FM with TuneIn 

We FM with TuneIn 

Boom Champions 94,1 FM with TuneIn 

And if you don’t want to hear any commercials and 100% soca then team soca is your best bet. 


And if you want the best soca mixes keep your eye on as they update their soca section regularly. 

Are you ready for the soca switch?