The Morning after Cruise reveiw- Trinidad 2014

After a wonderful time at Mental we quickly went home, bathed, dressed again and hit the road for the second party of the day, The morning After Cruise by Candy Coated Events and Julius ceasar Entertainment.

the morning after

It got off to a slightly late start but that was ok,  we definitely needed recovery time after mental.  We got on the boat and started to charge up on the drinks as well as take in music by Dei Musicale AND Nuphoric.  The party had just the right amount of people with no mad crush and the vibes were nice from the start, with more vibes building as the sun rose and people got more drunk.

I ran into Carolyn Gomez , a TCD Goddess of the road, and her friend Dalia.  Nice young ladies:)

I saw a dude called Usain Bolt, apparently he runs track.  Fun loving young man.

The real highlight was running into the rest of the LEHWEGO crew.   Those guys are the life of the party!


After the performance by Skinny Fabulous the vibes stepped up a notch and the cruise was “Bess” as they say in Trinidad.

Take a look at Photos HERE

And see a video of what happened  below:

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