The LEHWEGO Trinidad 2017 fete list 

No long talking!
Punchy punch cooler fete vs TriniJungleJuice Mental vs TCD Frontline.
This night is full of great options from the super affordable and fun PUNCHY PUNCH cooler fete to the always fun and #lehwegorecommended MENTAL to the fully all inclusive Top shelf FRONTLINE.  Its all about what you are looking for…the choice is yours.  We are looking to cover something new, and so we are leaning towards Punchy punch cooler fete. 

AM Beach in the morning.
Thursday afternoon this year we have decided to take a break, gather our group of friends and have a lime over good food and drinks.  It’s too often we finish a week of feting and realise we have not seen old friends or even spent quiet time with each other catching up on old times.  This year we set that right.


Silent morning vs Soca Brunch then Phuket.
For Friday, PHUKET is a given.  We have been there from the beginning and this once tiny, vibsey fete has grown and morphed but never disappointed.  From PROPER plates of good food to self serve premium bars and immense vibes we won’t be missing this #lehwegorecommended event.  Friday morning is still up from grabs though.  We are deciding between the cooler boat for the Silent morning cruise and Soca brunch, a new drinks inclusive event with great reviews from last year.  We will keep you updated on which we choose.

Ambush followed by Soca Brainwash
Its been years but we have decided to give AMbush a try once again.  We have heard it has grown to gargantuan proportions now, a far cry from when we jumped with 200 like minded others all those years ago but I know this is one that’s always going to be fun.
Soca brainwash.  Nothing more needs to be said.  No matter what you have read or experienced elsewhere, the Trini edition of this fete is something you must not miss.  All inclusive and full of vibes from beginning to end!

Vale then beach house cooler fete
Vale has been our goto Breakfast fete for the last few years.  We have many other options tempting us this year but after all was said and done Vale was one fete we couldn’t turn away from.  Expect to see us there.
We have also heard lots of good reviews from Beach House cooler fete from last year.  This year we plan to take a look for ourselves.


Monday Morning
Jouvert is still up in the air for us.  After AMBush we might not need anything else.

We will spend Monday and Tuesday on the road with YUMA jumping in Anhinga.  

Ash wed.
Au revoir.  This is our hidden gem for ash wednesday.  No fighting for flights or tickets.  Fantastic vibes and beautiful people. It’s a no brainer and #lehwegorecommended.  Take a look!


Where are you fetting?