The fine line of costume design.

This year we have seen the continued maturation of a trend started a few years ago. Instead of women looking at wire bras thinking “can my breasts fit in that” they now look at the shrinking panties thinking “can my junk stay in that trunk?” or will a peg, or 2, fall out swallowing the trunk altogether!


Despite the appearances of the band launch models, most Caribbean women, be them tall, short, thick or skinny are blessed with more ample….. What should I say here…. Punkulunks. The kind that will burst forth, from their meagre shackles, if not adequately restrained. Or something like that…you get the drift.

Why the trend.
So many are asking. Why the trend to the barely there panty?
My personal feeling is that female and male costume design has painted itself into a corner… And it’s all our fault (though I don’t think it’s a bad thing personally) .

Let me explain my personal opinion on this.

The band wants to make you happy so you spend your money.  The bikini beads and feathers masquerader seems to be the most fanatic of the lot, willing to spend anything and jump through innumerable hoops to get in a band.  BBF mas will live on FOREVER because of that.


The thing is, basically we have seen it all before. It’s hard to come up with any REAL original design because it’s ALL been done before. It’s like looking for a new design of the classic blue jeans.  All you can realistically get are variations and alterations.  Yet people are screaming for something new. SO, how do you separate your band or design from the crowd?

I think the end result is, in order to draw attention to the Band or a design, a super skimpy band launch version is made that’s unwearable by all but a few. There is a big uproar…. Success. Attention garnered!


For males it’s a catch 22.

We moan every year that the designs suck (and for the most part they do) but if they make a big extravagant costume (feathers and spandex) the first thought to most mens minds is “there is no way I’m wearing that” (myself included).

The end result is that I now choose costumes based on the colour shorts and the quality of the little necklaces/trinkets they come with. As far as I’m concerned my body is my costume.

The more extravagant costumes are few and far between because we as men shun them when it comes time to put down our money. It’s our fault! The market is giving us what we actually  purchase rather than what our mouths are saying!


Well I for one hope to help break this cycle come Carnival in Jamaica 2015 with Lehwegofrontline . The goal is a male costume that’s light and durable enough to jam in but yet impressive to the eye while looking manly. Harts is an example of what I think good male costume design looks like.

And we are aiming for a female costume that provides enough coverage to keep your private parts private (with skimpier options of course), while keeping you maximally sexy and glittery and ensuring you overwhelm all other costumes on the road.


Designs are being tabled and plan are afoot.  Make sure that if you “Do the double” you do it right! With


Thanks to Shutters in motion, Harts and Carnivalscene for the photos

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