The ALL NEW 3 fete friday! We are “Rollin” to Phuket for Trinidad carnival 2015.

It looks like tings ah gwaan for team Lehwego for 2015.

This year, as we have stated before, the Lehwego team will be switching things up a bit.  We have been doing the same thing over and over again and its time for something new!

3 fete friday has therefore been REBORN!


This year we start 3 fete friday with Silent morning cruise early friday morning.  I have heard many good stories and its reasonably priced.  We will be there. ( after extensive discussion we have no choice but to miss this in order to make the next fetes!) The issue with this fête though is the time it ends and the time the next event begins…..


Carnival friday afternoon we are going to add a little spice to your commute to Phuket.
Lehwego, The Carnival Connection and Honamic Designs will be hosting Rollin
Our rolling party and winefest to Phuket and beyond.

More info on Rollin’ is to come but needless to say, seats will be limited.  We will have packages on sale in Jamaica and Trinidad with online purchase coming soon as well.  The Lehwego team will be there of course helping to make and capture the vibes.  Coolers are encouraged but we will have drinks available as well

 Once you are on board we will take care of the vibes. The bus leaves at 3pm and we will drop you off at Phuket where u can Phuket up.



At 10pm we will scoop you back on the bus for a rolling wine fest back to Port of Spain. We will be back early enough for you to hit the next fête of your choosing OR stick with us for a special event , New on the carnival calendar, on the friday night. More to come on that later but as a member of the ROLLIN’ crew you will get special treatment there as well.

Keep your eyes locked on the blog.  More info is coming soon!

Email [email protected] to get more info and reserve your package now!