TCC Fete Bus! Here is the low down!


The carnival connection just let me in on a little secret.  She is organizing buses to Beach House and C’est La Vie for the thursday before carnival.  Lemmi tell you, after a night of drinking and partying hard to try to earn that entrance fee at beach house, this is a welcome addition to any carnival armory!

Here is the info:

Heading to the C’est La Vie or Beach House and want to EAT, DRINK and Dance the night away without worry about fatigue or breathalyer? The Carnival Connection has your answer!

We offer the following:

 Option 1
We Wait on You!
Cost US60 per person return (excludes US5.70 confirmation fee)
Availability 10 seats 


– Pick up from your hotel (only in Port of Spain) OR General meeting area at Ellerslie Plaza in Maraval
– Drop you to the fete
– YOU dance, WE wait!
– Once you’re done meet us where you left us and it’s home time!
– Drop off at hotel OR Meeting Point


Option 2
We’ll come back!
Cost US40 per person return ( excludes US5.70 confirmation fee)
Availability- 10 seats


– Pick up from your hotel (only in Port of Spain) OR General meet up area
– Drop you to the fete at a pre-arranged time
– We leave 🙁
– Pick you back up at a pre-arranged time


Contact The carnival connection at [email protected] and MAKE SURE TO TELL TCC THAT LEHWEGO REFERRED YOU!!!!!  Better yet just goto the deals section of the LEHWEGO PRO app, select the carnival connection square and then select contact TCC to email them your numbers and additional questions.


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