Sunny side up 2013 review

This year was supposed to be the year for something new. We pulled our strings and managed to arrange 11 tickets for vale in one shot. After that skillful maneuvering we start hearing rumblings that the liquor license would not  be issued. At this point I realized immediately that Sunny Side Up was in a much better position to be “given a bligh” based on its current location and the crew buckled down with our tickets waiting for the verdict.

Well, sadly, Vale was eventually cancelled and the gate at Sunny Side Up showed this fact. It was the longest I have ever seen the line and the venue was full from much earlier than normal.
We spent the early hours getting breakfast which was a reasonable mix of local and international dishes (including chocolate covered strawberries) and staked our claim to some real estate near the stage.

As usual the vibes rose with the sun and the party started to come alive. I heard several Vale peeps saying the crowd looked “old” but there were more than enough folks my age around.

The water and foam started soon after and the anticipation level in the crowd peaked, this usually was the signal for the party to go from lukewarm to wild. This year however a monkey wrench was thrown in the machinery. The fire marshals determined that people should not lean on the scaffolding that held up the sprinklers and foam machine. Of course dozens of people were bracing themselves on it for leverage during the “foam wine”. The organizers faced the risk of platform being put off limits completely so they made the decision to turn the foam off.

This made a dent in the vibes for the morning as the fete never reached that fever pitch it had in the previous years I have attended.

The performers soon came out and brought some vibes with them though. Blaxx especially drove the crowd wild with his hit “Lehgo” with one or two groupies collecting bottles of his copious sweat at the foot of the stage.

Overall, I think that although it was a decent fete, it was one of the worse sunny side ups in years due to the lack of the foam pit. I was slightly disappointed but this is only because I know what Sunny Side Ups full potential can be.

Next year Vale will come with fire in their eye, they will come with determination to give their patrons the best possible experience to make up for this year. They would have planned for a year and should come with their A game.
If there ever was a time to try Vale I think 2014 is that time.
We all know how the ticket situation goes though and so keep in mind that Sunny Side Up has never failed us completely yet and we won’t be vex if we end up there next year:)!

Take a look below at What the party was like!

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