Scorch Duck Work 2013 review

For 2013 I decided to make a change. I decided to party harder than ever before! I payed my money and changed my inbound flight from Wednesday to Tuesday and despite being told it was “impossible” managed to get 2 duck work tickets! (Impossible is NOTHING!)

Wednesday we made our way out to the harbour master (late of course), a large three story ferry made for partying. We had challenges finding any parking and ended up just leaving the car by the side of the road. This fete was not leaving us on the shore…not after what we went through to get the tickets. We rolled our cooler full of rum onto the boat and thus started a day of serious partying.
The Jamaican crews quickly converged their coolers making a posse near the centre of the action and the drinking began.
The girls looked great, the vibes were sweet and thankfully it was a bit overcast so we had relief from the burning hot Trini sun.
Dei musicale, as always, provided all the musical vibes you could ask for and unlike the Saturday editions of scorch, there was no “pulling up” of the soca.
The only real negative was the late start (which allowed us to get on board thankfully) and the rigid ending time, as the boat was booked for another party after. This meant the party ended while in full swing. In the end though, it’s likely best to have it end with a bang rather than a whimper.

This marked the start of my best carnival EVER!
Take a look at the photos and video below and keep checking back for more reviews in the coming days.


2 thoughts on “Scorch Duck Work 2013 review

  • February 16, 2013 at 5:49 pm

    which song did you use for that duck work vid? me likey! is it denise belfon?

  • February 16, 2013 at 5:59 pm

    Denise Belfon- wuk it up

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