Rollin’ and Phuket Carnival Friday Review

Rollin by The Carnival Connection,  Honamic designs and rolled off slightly late but hey,  this is the Caribbean and we wanted to leave no one behind. The buses rolled off and patrons started the process of inebriation, filling their custom bottles with all manner of alcohol from the Rollin’ stock as well as from their own coolers.

The vibes started right away with Jouvert Mike wasting NO time in setting the tone for the day with some acrobatic wining….  Literally, within minutes the bus was awash with wine.

Trying to navigate through it to take photos was a hazardous experience,  a risk I gladly took in order to get the pics,  video and review for you all.

The one complaint was that it got rather warm,  although all that sweat helped lubricate the….. Wine.

We have to Big up Selector String, Dj Richie RAS and DJ Lantern MD for the epic bus mixes.

We eventually reached Phuket and,  courtesy of Nequesha Dalrymple catering,  all on board were fed and soon all were also banded for entry.

On entry I immediately donned the lehwego team uniform (bareback)  and took it all in.

Phuket had come a loooooong way from that small fete with some good vibes we first reported about.

It was now sprawling. Filling the venue.

The amazing thing is tho, that despite its size it has kept that same wonderful vibe. You feel like everyone there is part of your team.  Fellas it is a place where getting “brace” while trying to get a wine doesn’t exist. It is a place full of happy people enjoying a little slice of heaven together.

I could go on but a picture is worth a thousand words.

Phuket we await 2016 as I predict that will be the year you take things to the next level. Let us see.

Here are a few photos from the full facebook album