Roast cruise Trinidad review 2014

Our first taste of Roast cruise was at last year’s cropover and it was one of our favourite events there.
We gladly made our way to the boat for the Trinidad version of the event.
The event started ALMOST on time which was good because we were just a touch late.  As usual it was jam packed with beautiful people itching to have a good time.   The bajan crew was in full force and the vibes started early!


Now, usually in these parties I do my best to set aside time to wine while I’m shooting photos and video.  Well, the vibes at Roast had another thing planned for me.  I soon found myself lost in a “sea of wine”.  Make that, “in a tumultuous maelstrom of vicious bajan wine”.

I occasionally turned on my camera to catch a few seconds of wine induced shakey video or a blurry shot, so the pics and video in this post may not impress.
But let me assure you….This fete was the bomb.  All inhibitions were let loose and fellas, like I said before, bajan women have won the genetic lottery when it comes to the power of the bumpa!

This event is fully, fully, fully lehwego recommended!   The cropover version will  soon be upon us.  We will be there. Will you?

See photos HERE

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