Phuket 2014 trinidad review

Three fete Friday.

Like our newly minted #supasaturday in Jamaica this endeavour is only for the strong. Phuket is the first part of this journey.
Phuket was a hidden gem in 2013 but for 2014 it was hidden no more.  Everyone I know and their friends were planning to go.

My crew and I arrived very early in order to enjoy the party enough before we had to leave for the candy coated bus.
We were welcomed by beautiful women, tasty food, top class liquor, self serve liquor, fog,  vibes,  wining waistlines…. U name it!


As expected the venue and amenities were nice. The big deal for this event however are the vibes. No posing.  No early bounce. Just vibes.
Wine was flinging from we stepped in the gate.  The shirtless winey waist bajan guy (or so the ladies in the team call him) was there.  (That guy was EVERYWHERE!)
The music was right and when we were leaving early at  8pm in order to catch the party bus (next year we changing the bus times man!) the lineup to enter was HUGE! The main problem I forsee for this party in the future will be how to deal with EXPONENTIAL growth.


Take a look at our galleries here and here.

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