Phuket 2013 review. Part 1 of three fete Friday!

Three fete Friday had finally arrived. After a wonderful beach house the night before I wondered what was in store.

I woke up early (was there an earthquake?) and had a hearty breakfast as well as a large tin of iced cappuccino. I had to make sure all was in place for the madness that was about to ensue.
We reached the venue about 3pm. The venue was cosy and had a scenic view by the sea but at that time the venue which was mostly empty.  Me and my crew were slightly disappointed but decided to make the most of it. We had many hours to go so we planned to take this fete easy.  Oh how wrong we were! 
We were soon assaulted by the girls force feeding us shots…and thecarnivalconnection crew… and sweet sweet soca music….next thing you know the venue is FULL, we were tipsy and 3 fete Friday was on in earnest.
Friday has been the highlight of my Fetting and now even more so. The vibe in this party was SOOO sweet. Not too big or crowded. Absolutely no stushness in this crowd.  It was also nice to see DJ Richie Ras from Jamaica in the DJ booth!
We were supposed to leave at 7. But that plan was scrapped and we pushed it to almost 8. Eventually we had to leave in order to catch the party bus and the rest of the nights Fetting.

Let me say that I am very happy I took the risk of trying a new fete and Phuket is now firmly embedded in my fete list.

How did the rest of the night go… was EPIC!

Keep your eye on the blog. The video will drop in a few days:)

Take a look at the vid and photos from Phuket below!

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