Mental 2015 review

Last year, mental was a surprise hit for my crew and we happily lined up another dose of what TriniJungleJuice had to offer.

The venue was more spacious and still relatively central. By the time e arrived the place was already filling up and the vibes were already nice.

The stocked bars were well manned and it never took me more than a minute to be served.

Food was available upstairs. It wasnt anything fancy but we won’t complain at this price point, you can’t expect lobster unless you pay for lobster and the food got the job done!

The crowd was pretty and most importantly,  had vibes.  The vibes are what makes this party so fun. No one was posing, everyone was dancing.

It was indeed a fantastic start to the carnival week for the lehwego team!

This one is #Lehwegorecommended
I got some pics that hopefully convey the fun I had.

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