Make a mas plan…

You are on the road with the writhing throng of people that is Tribe.

You are a carnival virgin, in a strange new country.

You have lost your friends and carnival is coming to an end.

You have no clue where you are, you don’t know how to get back home, you are tired, hungry and as people leave….a little bit afraid. You are now a member of “the lost boys club”


I’m sure that some of the homeless you see walking around in port of Spain are those who never made it out of this club.

I’m here to make sure that you don’t end up as a homeless vagrant in port of Spain!

Meet where?

When your crew hits the road you WILL get separated….that much is inevitable and getting lost and found is part of breaking your carnival virginity. We all did it. The secret is to make it a bit easier to be found.
Make a meeting point immediately behind your favorite truck. If you lose your friends stay behind this truck for a while until they come back

As previously advised, I’m certain you have your little cheap (indestructible) Nokia. You have entered all your friends numbers into it and the number and name of your hotel/ place of abode.
If you have reached a more advanced state of lostness, send a text detailing your location. When your friends finally come out from under that bumpa they will realize you are missing and will check their phones then come fetch you.
Try to not let your Nokia fall, as it may injure others or break the asphalt.


Walk with a small sum of money, this may come in handy to pay for a taxi ride home later if you wake up in Chaguaramas.

Eat up

Also, it is important to plan your meals for Monday and Tuesday. Your band will give you a decent lunch but it’s up to you to sort out the rest. Sunday night you should buy breakfast and dinner for Monday and Tuesday, especially if you don’t live close to food and are flying out early Wednesday morning.
In terms of lunch from the band look closely at the food….anything that looks like it can spoil quickly…leave alone!   Potato salad…NO!    Spending Tuesday on the Porta potty is not what you signed up for!

Last and certainly not least….remember your SPF 50 sunblock. Woe be unto you if you forget this.


There are many other things to say but for the carnival virgin, keeping these in mind will be adequate to ensure a good time.

With a week to go the vibes are high.

Are you ready for the greatest show on earth?




This year you cyaa fraid powda!

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