Mad Jouvert 2018 review

It’s been a long time since Lehwego has attended Monday morning J’ouvert for Trinidad Carnival.  This year we decided that with the extra late start that ROGUE gives us on Carnival Monday we would give it another shot.  A short search of prospective bands led us to some footage and pics from the IG page of Shannon Britto, a well known Trini photographer who told us of a band called MAD J’OUVERT.

Fast forward to Jouvert morning and we hit the road with the writhing throng.  The vibes were good from the get go with ample access to drinks and lots of eye candy in the crowd.  The route never felt too crowded and security was on point with not a stormer in sight (stormers were one reason we stopped monday J’ouvert).

As the sun rose we were treated to live perfomances by KES and Kerwin to bring even more vibes.

Overall it was a great J’ouvert experience that we can wholeheartedly recommend.

Take a look at some video and photos below.



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