Josie’s Jamishness Review by Karamel

The Josie’s Jamishness Post Mortem

So the scenes was this….whoa….massive amounts of deja vu just typing this! I feel like I wrote the same thing a year ago! Yeah, people, it was that time of year again! The scenes was reminiscent of running into an ex boyfriend and remembering only the good times 😛
Waking up at 2:30am, driving down to Pier 2 in the pitch black, passing the bridge that yuh wine down on last year, jumping on the shuttle and going thru the copious amounts of bush to meet up the rest of the Jammers – you will recall that Josie’s Jamishness is so jamish, one needs a separate vocabulary to describe the thing properly. So try and keep up, the thing about to start….

The venue:

Same as last year! On the road in the bush with TWO music trucks and THREE drinks trucks! Unfortunately, the same scenes went down in the beginning where people had to do acrobatics to get to the front to get a drink. So it took a little bit longer than usual to get one’s buzz before the sun came up. But that is ok, because they had Johnnie and Absolut and people felt good about paying $450-$500 for a ticket to an all-inclusive event – at least with respect to the drinks. The “road march”, to copy the Jamaicans, went kinda REAL fast. And I suspect the road management came up as a result of what went down last year – you will recall that I complained bitterly that the party was halted on several occasions, music stop and thing, in order for motorists to get past the band. This year things went by more smoothly, the crowd was amenable to DJs telling them to stay on one side of the trucks, and I wasn’t pulling CERTAIN people off of cars due to vigorous wining activity (names shall not be called). Interestingly, by the time the band reach the main road, it was at least 3 hrs earlier than last year, and the music stop, so I wasn’t able to wine on the bridge. Oh, steups and sigh.

But that was ok too, because the band quickly made its way back to the Pier 2 starting point and quickly dissipated into a water sports team – Junior Sammy water trucks conveniently had hoses on hand to spray down the Jammers covered in trademark Josie’s Blue Paint. By this point, the sun high in the sky and Jammers were also lined up for bake and shark and hot dogs and more drinks. Eventually everybody was soaking wet and jumping and wining in the water – it was at this point that yuh girl sustained her first wining-related injury – suffice it to say that our boy Jules was on the ground, I had minor abrasions to my right hand and right knee, and Dei Musicale’s Johann was on hand to capture the moment with the camera on his Blackberry. Sigh. Johann, I will pay yuh money to lorse that photo, eh?

Celebrities spotted – Anya chillin on the Dei Musicale truck. Machel holding hands with his beloved, sans gorilla mask from last year. Heard Rachel Price was around for Iwer to serenade her. Kees and wife noticeably absent today.

The music:
I just want to say how good it is to go in a fete and see our boys Ruan and Johann handling their business. Dei Musicale!
Thanks for the hug up and the birthday greetings and the wine up! On the road, I recall Soca 2012 in tabanca-nical quantity, which kept the band moving down the road. At the car park, DJ Private Ryan invoked the name of Nuts back in the day and made sure we remembered what Patra and Beenie and Lady Saw used to sound like. I recall the hip hop session that had men holding their heads and bawling. All the people who went to Jamaica for Carnival (steups, I am still toting feelings from not being able to go), toted feelings for last week while brukkin out in all earnestness.

The gape:
Now, the thing about Josie’s is that if yuh not careful, yuh will reach in the fete and wonder at the stushness of the thing. You will see women in carefully coordinated and creatively distressed Josie’s Jamishness shirts, short pants and fancy footwear, makeup and accessories, and yuh might wonder if yuh reach in the wrong fete, and speculate as to whether yuh read the thing incorrectly, and imagined that this was a jouvert fete in April, the whole premise of jouvert in April already a disconcerting scenes for some. But doh worry! Everybody covered in paint and soak down by the end of the day so most people wasn’t too concerned about prettiness at the end of the day. Fellas had the muskles on display, it is heartwarming to know that they still in the gym even tho Carnival done. I missed the fellas in wigs and nighties and drinking from enamel posies and waving massive ladies underwear from flagpoles and what not. Oh well.

The conclusion:
Another memorable Josie’s Jamishness to inspire stories til the next one! Happy Birthday, Jordana. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!!!!!

Dr. Karamel




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