Its time for some carnival shopping

Carnival in Trinidad (and Jamaica) is slowly creeping up on us. It’s time to get started on some purchases to ensure a smooth carnival experience.

One item you want to get from early are shoes for J’Ouvert. This year my crew is doing 2 J’Ouverts and a water party. Normal sneakers will NOT hold up. This is a job for “water shoes”. These are shoes designed for water activities and as such are quick drying and have soles with holes for drainage. They also have the added bonus of being very affordable, foldable and compressible. Here are a few I like.

Another issue I often have is that the hotel room rarely has enough outlets to charge our phones and plug in laptops and other rechargables. I’ve found that carrying a small outlet multiplier is a lifesaver.

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep screaming it from the mountains….buy earplugs (my ears are lightly ringing as I type this)….

Take a look at some other older carnival shopping ideas here.

Do you have any other shopping ideas? Let me know!

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