Is a wetter carnival better?

In a discussion the other day, a friend and I were at odds about whether rain or water in general, eg wet zones, makes carnival better.


Water in a fete can be thought of as a general purpose whole body lubricant that makes the wine all that more slippery and enjoyable. It also does wonders for ladies outfits.

As you can imagine, put 1000 guys and girls together in these conditions and BAM! Madness! Case in point…Insomnia and Caesars army AM Bush jouvert.


On the road it’s even better. Apart from the aforementioned lubricated wine it’s just the feeling of wild abandon that comes with enjoying the rain on your face…not caring that your expensive costume is melting….that your shoes are ruined….camera mash up!


In Jamaica, it rains EVERY year for carnival ( on the road at lunch ), and every year that rain signals the end of posing and stushness and the beginnings of wettings after wettings:)


In Trinidad I’m not sure if the same would be true. I can imagine that after spending 1000$ on costume and untold sums on boots, hair, makeup etc, a thunderstorm would not a happy lady make…..

I personally stay away from the Tribe’s wet zones in Trinidad because the mist carries my (copiously applied) sunblock into my eyes.  In Jamaica…..Bring it ON!




Wetter is better!

How about you?


Thanks to Paul Lowry, Slick Jackson and Dwayne Watkins for the photos and video!

2 thoughts on “Is a wetter carnival better?

  • October 31, 2012 at 1:44 pm

    Dont care for the we zones. I paid too much money to have wet weathers (Trinidad carnival). This year FantasyCarnival had this gun thing that was shooting cold air – now that was awesome! Cooling you down but not getting you wet. Any other Carnivals, I dont care – lets get wet!

  • March 27, 2013 at 4:54 pm

    You do not have a Lucian carnival if you don’t have rain!!! Ppl seem to free up even more with water in the mix!

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