If you were rich, what would your Trinidad carnival be like?

More and more as I try to stretch my carnival dollar I find myself skimping on the amenities I used to enjoy when Trinidad was the only out of country carnival I did.
The other day I thought…

What if money was no concern?

Well, first I would immediately sign up for the costume of my choice without having to wait for payday or budget.DSC04708

Next I would immediately book my 2 week vacation in Trinidad first class.
Rent a nice, comfortable car and a giant, lavish hotel room, likely in the Hyatt by the waterfront of Port of Spain. Hell. Money is no object. Rooms for my crew…. You get a room… You get a room…


When it’s time to buy tickets I would just send a coil/bungle of money to Trinidad to cover party tickets for the said crew and also hire a driver to carry us to and from the fetes so we can drink at our leisure safely. I would also try the swankiest fetes to see how the other side lives.

553064_481611761890605_1375782583_nJust to keep options open I would probably buy tickets to several parties in each party slot. Options are good.

With unlimited funds I would also make sure that after every fete I would have a great meal wating for me to eat….Made by a top class chef!

Now all things are relative. Some people may read this post and think….. “But all that’s described here is normal!”
Others may think,” how could you consider possibly spending so much on Carnival”.

All in all I have tried both Tony stark and hobo styles of carnival and BOTH are quite enjoyable.

It’s not how much you spend… It’s how you enjoy it.

Thanks to Stush for the cover art taken at Frenchmen Jamaica