Feeling that carnival hype!

#carnivaliscoming and I’m feeling the vibes.
I’m not sure why, but this year I feel like a giddy newbie again. I have that tingle of anticipation….. Like a carnival Virgin about to get some action.

When I close my eyes I see:
The airport
1. The long ass line at Trini immigration.
2. The BMobile booth to buy my sim card
3. Buying my vodka at duty free
4. Coming out the airport to greet my friends.

The fetes
1. The thrill of stepping into my first fete and ordering a vodka.
2.  The thrill of stepping up to that first round bumpa.
3. Bussing off my shirt as a #barebackmaster.


1. The chill of the cool j’ouvert morning air
2. Cold paint poured down my back.
3. Watching the sun rise as we make our way j’ouvert morning
4. Scrubbing the past from every nook and cranny.



The Road
1. Spraying on the sunblock to get an even glosss.
2. Getting my pics in full costume early in the morning
3. Chipping down the road, arms in the air,  face to the sky enjoying the absolute euphoria of the day.
4. Ending the day totally exhausted and looking forward to #dothedoubleDSC04886


Then one last chance to relive it all again at Au Revior…..Without the hassle of a flight to Tobago.