Did They Listen? Perfecting Perfection part 2

I hail from the island of Jamiaca.  Annually I make the expensive trek across to Trinidad to jump in the joyful experience that is CARNIVAL.

It is a wonderful experience…but, nothing is perfect.

Every year, whether its at the stage or at the main judging point while the stage was being repaired my little piece of heaven becomes a living hell on earth.

Complete with blazing hell fire shooting out of the sun, no water, no wine, and the pleasure of hearing the roadmarch song for 2 HOURS STRAIGHT!

Now the thing is, all these problems can be resolved with one addition to the Trinidad pleasure arsenal.  It is something that we have had here in Jamaica carnival for years and is LONG overdue in Trinidad.

I have contacted both Tribe and Yuma with my solution (May 2nd to be exact) and whoever does anything to this effect is the band I’m jumping with.

SO without further adieu here is the solution:

Bag Juice


Actually, Bag water.  In Jamaica Carnival we know not thirst.  Trucks full of bagged water roam the band.  Men with buckets of bagged water and juice are easy to find.  In the blazing hot tropical sun we use water to splash and cool ourselves and each other, its a blast!

Its such a simple concept.

For those wondering, Jamaica carnival is around the size of YUMA  with about 3000 revelers.  Every year I do the double (both Trini and Jamiaca carnival) and every year I wonder why don’t they have these bags of fun in Trinidad.  Im sure there is some regulatory (carnival rules) reason why this is not easy near the stage but you CANNOT tell me that something can’t be done….I refuse to believe it!

Another thing I suggested to YUMA is making an app.  One for each platform, that would give their jumpers and others an inside peek at any information YUMA needs to share.  The app could be used to disseminate information such as photos and videos and for YUMAites to get in touch with YUMA in a single convenient package.


YUMA was quick to send me real person replies on both the water and application topics. Tribe sent me the usual automated thank you note.


Lets see exactly how well these bands respond to the voice of their jumpers.  My money will be spent accordingly.


Thanks to Dwayne Watkins (the worlds greatest photographer) for his pics.



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