Carnival friends

One of the things I love about Carnival (aside from the music, fun, freedom… and so on) are the people. No not wining on beautiful people (although that’s pretty nice too!). So, what do I mean by people? Here goes.

For me Carnival has become not only a place to put my worries and stress away for a week, but also a place to meet people from all over the world from all walks of life. But, it’s not just about meeting new people, it’s also about seeing people I don’t get to see often, or people who I NEVER see outside of Carnival.

Familiar Faces

From the minute I get to the airport to catch my flight to Trinidad I start seeing familiar faces. I see people who though I might not call them up on a regular basis, we may not go out partying together, I do still feel some sort of connection to, simply by virtue of us all going to share in the Carnival experience. Every year I can be sure to see the same faces and a few new ones thrown in the mix.

At fetes and on the road I see people from all over the world, who I may never have exchanged a word with, but I still recognize them from years before. It’s strange that in a sea of thousands of people of people there are people who I see each and every year and recognize them! For some reason or another, it’s a pretty cool feeling.


Facebook friends

Then we get to the facebook friends. Every year after Carnival my friend list on facebook grows a little. It may be someone (or a group…wassup Ministry!) I met at a party, or on the road. It may be someone I didn’t meet at all. Either way, through the magic of facebook, we create that link. Through the course of the year we may never exchange a word, or we might talk fairly regularly, either way more often than not the only other time I see them is when I’m in Trinidad for Carnival. THAT’S a cool feeling! It’s great to meet the people who I’ve only known through facebook, or the people who I met once the year before. It’s great to put voices to the bloggers, profile photos, twitterers (is that a word?) and emailers. It’s great to finally be able to answer the question…”what does the mysterious Saucy Trini loook like?” (though I’m still not sure I can answer that!).

Yes I enjoy the music, the fun, the costumes, the week without stress that is my Carnival experience. For me Carnival isn’t just about all that. Now, I have something else to add to the list of things I love about carnival…. the wonderful friends I meet during that experience!

Do YOU have Carnival friends?

Check back soon for our Jamaica Carnival coverage. 

Thanks to Jennifer Daniel for the artwork.

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