Carnival arms race!


The business of carnival getting more intense.  The number of players in the market is increasing faster than the number of revellers.  That means that precious, cash rich, customers are getting harder and harder to find.

What does this mean for us?

Companies (mas bands) therefore have to work harder to keep your attention .
It starts with earlier and earlier teasers and launches and may involve sensational “mistakes” instantly corrected when they are brought to light.
It will hopefully continue with better more intricate costumes and better road luxuries.
The arms race will mean that once an option is introduced and is well loved, the other bands will come up similar or competitive concepts.  Will this mean more intricate and larger costumes or skimpier sexier costumes (or both).  Only time will tell!
The greater the competition the better it is for us the reveller (I hope!)
So far Spice, Tribe and Fantasy are the 3 large bands that have revealed their themes.

Do any of them have your attention?

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