Julius Caesar entertainment and Candy Coated Events thow “The Morning After” on Carnival Wednesday night/Thursday morning 2014

Many many people fly in to Trinidad on wed night.  They plod through customs and get out the airport at midnight.
Wednesday night has traditionally been very weak fete wise for carnival.
Well things are about to change.
Caesars army and Candy Coated Events have decided to stage a fete just for you, The weary traveller. Instead of wasting wed night in bed “The Morning After” will be held starting at 3am Thursday morning and running till 8am.
It’s all inclusive so u don’t have to worry about finding a cooler at 1in the morning and being Julius Caesar AND Candy Coated it’s bound to be insanely good vibes.   The lehwego team will be there!

The event will be a cruise!  But wait!  There is more…..but I can’t tell you.  Lets just say you will leave satisfied and tired.  Better plan some sleep before Beach House!


More info to come. Check this post back later to see what’s in store!





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